Let’s face it, trees don’t plant themselves.

It takes many hands doing hard work to revitalize the parks we all hang out in, and the walking & bike trails we enjoy. These helping hands created the urban green canopy we have the pleasure of experiencing when we’re walking the dog or getting our steps in during lunch.

We unleash our tools into the community, helping change the green space of Atlanta. From urban agriculture to community gardens, our tools are handing out a healthy dose of green into the community.

Art Feeds the Soul.

It brings a smile to our face seeing a new sculpture in the park during a morning jog. Countless artists inspire us with art installations we have the pleasure of seeing on our way to work. Nonprofit organizations work hard everyday to improve the cultural landscape of Atlanta through creative initiatives.

For 28 years, the ToolBank  has been unleashing our tools into the community, connecting us all to nature, bringing smiles to children & dogs alike and inspiring creativity throughout Atlanta. Together with our fellow nonprofits and you, we are a powerful force for change.

Your generous support keeps our tools in those helping hands transforming Atlanta. Please consider donating today.