Each year, the Atlanta Community ToolBank hosts several key fundraising and community-driven initiatives. Thanks to the generous support of local companies and civic organizations, we have equipped over 500,000 local volunteers to date. Your support will ensure the mission to keep local communities equipped to build and sustain a better lifestyle for all will continue to thrive.

Currently Seeking Sponsors For:

In 2016,  the Atlanta Community ToolBank will be celebrating 25 years of service to the local community. In honor of this milestone, we have created a

unique way for you to be involved.

  Sponsor 25/$2500 –  25 different opportunities to sponsor us in this year of celebration. 

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25th$2500 Sponsorships for 25 Years

All throughout the year.  Choose from individual projects like Art on the Beltline, Gwinnett Greater Days of Giving, Adopt the Beltline or Love your Block.  If those do not sound good maybe become a sponsor to Keep the Tools Blue, Adopt a Row Of Tools At the Warehouse,  or Support A Tool Training Center Activity.  Finally there are events throughout the year that directly support us like  ToolRush and Consour d’Elegence. $2500/25 Sponsorship Package PDF 

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