During the Hammers & Ales Party!
Saturday, September 7, 2019
6:00 – 10:00pm
Atlanta ToolBank

Entry Information

  • Each entry must complete a simple form that provides contact information, expected space requirements and theme for entry
  • Each entrant will be invited to attend the Ladders & Libations event at a discounted ticket price of $125 per ticket (Attendance at the event is not required for entry and discounted tickets are limited to 2 per entry)


  • Functional: Can be utilized as anything but a ladder!
  • Art: Need we say more!
  • Team Spirit: Represent your favorite professional or collegiate sports team
  • I Have My Own Theme: Something really special that doesn’t fit into the above categories!

NOTE: You will create your ladder based on the theme you have chosen and will be competing against others in the same category.

  • There will be one winner in each category
  • All four winning ladders go into the event live auction
  • All non-winning ladders will go into the event silent auction
  • One ladder will be named BEST IN SHOW by guests


  • Judging will take place on day of event at the beginning of the evening
  • 5 judges from the following areas will be recruited and announced prior to the event: Art on the Atlanta Beltline, Corporate Friend, Ladder Professional, Tool Professional and Event Master of Ceremonies
  • Judges use criteria-specific judging sheets for each entry
  • All entries will be kept anonymous during event

Judging Criteria

  • Design Statement: Degree to which the statement clearly describes the entry
  • Creativity: Design innovation & uniqueness
  • Function: Usability & appropriateness
  • Material Integrity: Color, texture, detail, durability and suitability
  • Craftmanship & Execution: Structural / esthetic value
  • Recycled Materials: Participants are encouraged to include reused, reconditioned or remanufactured materials or recycled raw materials in design

Contest Rules

  • Contest participants must incorporate one wood ladder provided by the ToolBank (Ladder is included with entry fee; choose from 4′, 6′ or 8′ step ladder)
  • All entries become property of the Atlanta Community ToolBank
  • No inappropriate language, signage, or political statements will be accepted
  • The ACTB reserves the right to decline an entry
  • All entries must fit within a 9′ x 9′ area
  • Props may be added to and used within the display, but must not exceed the allotted space restriction (the entry will be auctioned in total, including any and all items used with the display area)
  • At the time of entry, all submitted items and documents, including but not limited to tables/chairs, props and photos become property of the Atlanta Community ToolBank


  • All contest participants must bring their entry to the event space during a designated time period prior to the beginning of the event
  • The ToolBank may provide transportation from the warehouse to the event for your ladder upon availability