“Home is where the heart is.” We’ve all heard the quote, and for good reason! Home is the place where family gathers together to share good times.

Here’s another quote for you. Keeping seniors warm, safe and dry. Originally a program of the ToolBank, HouseProud Atlanta has been helping seniors stay warm, safe and dry for over 20 years.

Seniors like Shirley Anne Williams. A custodian at Georgia Tech until she hurt her back, Shirley Anne is now disabled, legally blind and is unable to complete repairs on her home.

With ToolBank tools in the hands of dedicated volunteers, HouseProud was able to paint, plant flowers, build a bench and provide much needed deck repairs.

In 2005, Vine City residents wanted to revitalize their beloved stomping ground. Enter Park Pride, a nonprofit dedicated to helping neighborhoods contribute to the health and well being of Atlanta through the power of parks.

In collaboration with the Vine City community, The Conservation Fund, City of Atlanta, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation & other nonprofits and businesses, Park Pride assisted with a multi-phase project, now called Vine City Park! Once occupied by abandoned houses and kudzu, the park is now complete.

With ToolBank tools, Park Pride helped breath new life into Vine City. In 2017, blue tools helped Park Pride complete 69 projects and equip 3,782 volunteers, at a total agency cost of only $4,715.92, or $1.24 per volunteer.

Together, we are changing lives and communities, like Shirley Anne Williams and Vine City, making Atlanta a more beautiful place for everyone. Donating to the ToolBank helps keep our tools in the hand of the nonprofits & volunteers transforming Atlanta.