We can tell you we loaned out over $1.9 million in tools in 2016 to our fellow nonprofit & charitable organizations. We can tell you we equipped 50,610 volunteers that completed over 2,445 projects.

Numbers are great, but what really brings it home for us is….

…a new roof to keep out the rain!
…a beautiful park to walk through!
…a new playground to play in!

These are the things we get jazzed about! And tools! We get really excited about tools! Our tools empower nonprofits to fix more houses, beautify more parks & build more playgrounds. AND we’re proud of it!

Hitting the nail
on the head!

Got a hammer? We do! Lots of them. 704 of them to be exact! In 2016, we lent out our hammers 1,193 times to 137 member agencies at a total cost of only $334.18! We used 200 hammers in our Tool Training Center to teach youth in the Atlanta community about safe tool use, repair and safety.

By donating to the ToolBank, you help us equip our fellow nonprofits, keeping those hammers swinging!

Your generous support is like donating to over 240 nonprofit & charitable organizations in the Atlanta community. Now that’s really hitting the nail on the head!